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Apptwee Ri universal remote for iOS is inexpensive and tiny


With the success of all handheld iOS devices -- iPhone, iPod touch and iPad -- it's not surprising that manufacturers want to turn them into universal remote controls. Some manufacturers are going the more expensive route, like Peel with their $99 remote that features a pear-shaped transmitter that sits between your iOS box and your A/V equipment.

On the other end of the spectrum is a company called Apptwee, which has come out with the Ri, a tiny remote control unit that plugs into the headphone port of your device (see image at right). The US$19.99 Ri is a bit smaller than the Square card reader, and when coupled with the free Ri app, it transforms your device into an infrared universal remote.

Ri is short for Remote Interactive, and it currently supports over 72 different device types and over 845 devices. It's not a learning remote, meaning that it can't be "taught" commands by your IR-controlled devices, but the company is adding new devices on a regular basis.

We're hoping to get a Ri for a review in the near future. In the meantime, you can order one of the devices directly from the Apptwee website, or watch their short getting acquainted video on the next page.

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