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Free Realms buys the farm, offers it to players

Eliot Lefebvre

Farming is kind of a hot-button issue for a lot of gamers these days, bringing forth mumblings about Facebook and clicking on cows. Fortunately for players who like farming in a colorful environment but don't feel like supporting aggressive non-gameplay, Free Realms has just introduced the option to work on your very own farm, clickable cows not included. All players will receive their own Wilds Farm to start cultivating, decorating, and harvesting as they see fit.

As is par for the course for the game, the new farming system introduces a number of minigames for farmers to convert crops into coins. Farming will also provide a surfeit of new items available to expert harvesters. If you're particularly taken by the farming mechanics, you can also purchase additional spots of land and items for planting for Station Cash. Free Realms players on the Mac and PC can begin enjoying the little joys of working on a farm, albeit without the backbreaking labor that accompanies a real farm.

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