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RuneScape launches clan support

Jef Reahard

The long-running browser-based MMO known as RuneScape has a new (and long-awaited) update in store for its loyal players. Today marks the addition of clan support to the free-to-play fantasy title, and the patch offers a number of tools to assist players in organizing and maintaining the RuneScape equivalent of the traditional MMO guild.

The latest game update from Jagex features new clan chat channels, a new clan camp social hub area on the world map, and customization options including mottos, motifs, and colors (which are evident on clan capes and a territory marker known as the vexillum).

Jagex has also added clan-specific gameplay content in the form of rated clan wars, allowing for clan vs. clan challenges and associated leaderboards. Finally, Jagex is gifting each clan with a personalized web presence including public and private forums, stats, and membership details. More information about RuneScape clans is available at the game's official website.

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