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Apple publishes job posting for "Cloud Systems Software Engineer"

Dana Franklin

A job posted by Apple last week suggests the company plans to expand its portfolio of "cloud-based" products and services, AppleInsider reports. According to the job description, the "Cloud Systems Software Engineer" will join a "small team" to "explore the far reaches of the possible," build "the future of cloud services at Apple," and form the foundation for the company's "exciting new products and services."

The job listing reveals nothing about Apple's specific plans for future web applications or services. The ideal candidate will likely be deeply involved with building internal systems for sharing data across Apple's family of cloud products. By asking for applicants that can collaborate with cross-functional engineering teams and have experience constructing highly scalable software powered by a variety of data management systems, it looks like the Cupertino-based company wishes to add muscle to the core APIs that power its online products and services.

Apple currently offers a suite of web products and services called MobileMe for US$99 per year. Many, including The Wall Street Journal, speculate the company plans to dramatically enhance these services later this year. There's also the beta, which has been in beta since 2009.

[via AppleInsider]

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