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How did you discover World of Warcraft?

Cari Cole

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A bit over two years ago, I read a book titled Daemon by Daniel Suarez (a great read, by the way). The plot of the book involves a computer genius mobilizing the players of a major MMORPG to take part in a "project." I became intrigued by the world of MMORPGs and, with a couple of mouse clicks, Wikipedia led me to WoW.

The words "free trial" meant I had nothing to lose by stepping into Azeroth, so few more mouse clicks and I was a fresh-minted mage killing kobolds for Marshal McBride. I died. A lot. I even got lost inside Northshire Abbey for 10 minutes or so. I also had a lot of fun.

I didn't know anyone who played WoW or any other MMORPG and had absolutely no idea how anything worked. I turned down the Gold Dust Exchange quest in Elwynn Forest because I thought it would be better for me to keep any gold I found than to give it to Remy "Two Times." I ran around Goldshire in awe of the god-like presence of level 80 players and had no idea why that little suit of armor was appearing on my screen, piece by piece.

I figured things out. Since those first days, I have leveled a main to 85, been in a guild, run a few instances and become somewhat of an altoholic. None of it would have happened if a novel hadn't made me curious.

How about you? Any interesting or unusual stories about what led you to WoW? I can't wait to hear them.

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