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Archos flashes 7c Android tablet, brags about its 1.2GHz clock speed


After taking a breather from cranking out new tablets, Archos is at it again, this time with the Archos 7c Home Tablet, a 7-inch number that caught on camera during a visit to the company's Chinese outpost. This slate packs a Cortex A8 processor and RK2918 chipset, which the rep quaintly says is "faster than any chipset you can find" -- you know, owing to its 1.2GHz clock speed and all. Alas, it runs Android Gingerbread (2.3) Eclair (2.1) and not Honeycomb (3.0), so you'll have to do some hacking to get your Android Market fix. Although the 7c has a capacitive display, the woman leading the demo appears to jab at browser links with her finger -- a throwback to some less-than-responsive resistive screens we've tested. On the bright side, 1080p video plays smoothly -- at least in the few seconds before the camera pans away. The 7c is headed to the US and Europe in June for an unknown price, but for now you can head past the break to see it in action.

Update: Check out the official (translated) press release after the break.

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"ARCHOS 7c ': First Home-tablet with capacitive touch screen of the ARCHOS

ARCHOS extends its home range with a tablet device with capacitive
Display. The home runs in addition to the Tablet Series, introduced in autumn 2010,
Internet Tablet range, which has other features. The new
"ARCHOS 7c Home Tablet comes with Android (tm) 2.1 and a capacitive,
touch-sensitive multi-touch screen for convenient operation
on the market.

When surfing with the home via WiFi Tablet, the pages on the
7-inch display (high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels) is displayed in full screen.
With the help of "multi-touch", the user can navigate quickly. For a
convenient data input displayed a virtual keyboard. A
E-mail application is already installed.

The "ARCHOS 7c Home Tablet offers thanks to Android (TM) 2.1, the Eclair
Opportunity to use thousands of different apps and the Tablet
. Personalize Then the customer in the "ARCHOS AppsLib" the choice between
many free and paid applications from all areas.
Since the Home Tablet, as the name suggests, for the domestic use
is designed to find it thanks to widgets and apps in the whole family
Application. Whether the child wants to play, be a family member
Facebook profile will update the mother nachschaut a recipe or the father
latest sports news investigate the possibilities of
ARCHOS Tablets are versatile. Apps and widgets can be in five
Arrange a variety of surfaces clear.

The playback of high definition video (up to 720p), photos, eBooks and
Music of all popular formats, is not a problem. A micro SD card slot
and a USB 2.0 host port for the mouse, keyboard or external
Mass storage device are also provided. In addition, the two tablet
integrated speakers, a display stand and a microphone.

The "lithium polymer battery" provides a battery life of up to 42
Hours of music playback and up to 7 hours for video playback.

The "ARCHOS 7c Home Tablet" is from May 2011 to a non-binding
Price of 179.99 euros in the shops

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