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Faxion Online delivers the ten commandments of PvP

Jef Reahard

Thou shalt target the healers? Check. Honor thy guild and group? Check.

If you fancy yourself a PvPer, Faxion Online's newly released Ten Commandments of PvP is worth a read. Even if you're not, the list will no doubt provide a chuckle or two in what appears to be the latest evidence that the free-to-play fantasy title will deliver its MMO conventions with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

In a new press release dated this morning, UTV True Games laid out a PvP manifesto with its trademark sense of humor, alluding to artifacts unearthed "at a remote dig site (located two floors above the basement of the company's Austin studio)." Said artifacts have caused a bit of consternation for Faxion's devs, as UTV creative director Mike Madden explained. "All heretofore planned projects, both announced and unannounced, that pit player against player must be reviewed to incorporate the deeper meaning conveyed to us by these ancient tablets," he said.

Faxion Online is currently in open beta, and you can learn more -- as well as sign up -- at the game's official website.

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