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PadTab: inexpensive iPad wall mount


The PadTab is an iPad mounting system that takes your iPad and lets you mount it to a flat surface without the use of any power tool, screws or hammers. The PadTab is a two-piece solution that uses a high strength adhesive wall mount and a plastic mounting plate for your iPad. For the low cost of US$19.95, you get a mounting plate for the iPad and two wall mounts. Additional wall mounts are available for $9.99 each. It is compatible with the iPad, the iPad 2 and select cases, such as the Marware Hard Case.

We have not tested this system ourselves, but the idea is interesting. It would be an easy mounting solution to use in the kitchen for recipes and entertainment while you cook, or in your workshop so that you can follow This Old House while you build your brand new deck. Without using a stand or a stand case, you can keep your valuable counter or workbench space and still have your iPad close by. A win-win situation, no?

[Via ZDNet]

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