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PAX Prime registration open, developers get their own PAX Dev event

Whether you're a video gaming enthusiast or a member of the industry which sustains itself upon the monies of video gaming enthusiasts, you'd better start getting ready for next Penny Arcade Expo. Not only did registration for PAX Prime 2011 open up earlier today, but an all new event called PAX Dev was announced, catering to the interests of game developers in the two days preceding the weekend of August 26, when the main, Seattle-based convention takes place.

The new event's site explains its mission statement, saying, "We're shooting for a small (750-ish), intimate setting where digital and pen/paper game developers alike can focus on their craft." As much as we'd love to get all up in that to learn about the deepest brain-thoughts of our favorite developers, the site explicitly states, "No press." That's too bad for us, but shouldn't be a problem for JoySoft, our new spin-off development studio, which is staffed entirely by people who look exactly like us, only with conspicuous-looking mustaches.

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