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Breakfast Topic: Who'll be in charge in the next regime?


This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Changes in leadership at the top of the various races in WoW is a common occurrence these days. The dwarves, tauren, orcs, and arguably the night elves (depending on who you considered the real bosses in Darnassus) all took on new leadership as of Cataclysm. The humans and the Forsaken as well have experienced temporary shifts at the top of their power structures at one point or another.

Today's question is simple: Who's next?

Most of the obvious candidates for replacement are on the Horde side. Sylvanas is clearly running rogue and making even her allies uncomfortable. Absentee trade prince Gallywix has been living on borrowed time from the start. Garrosh and Vol'jin have a little philosophical disagreement going that seems likely to be resolved with fewer than two of them alive. And even Lor'Themar seems to be just waiting around for a blood elf with enough ambition to unseat him.

Still, change remains plausible on the Alliance side as well. As long as Garona lives, Anduin is just one stab away from the throne being his permanently. The situation in Ironforge seems stable for now, but with three co-rulers around, anything can happen. The gnomes are supposed to be a democracy, meaning Mekkatorque's term in office could be over any time now. And the night elves ... well, if you understand their internal politics, you're one up on me.

Given the state of political flux on Azeroth, it's more a matter of when rather than if one of the current leaders will be deposed, assassinated, or simply voted out. But which one, and (for extra credit) who will take over?

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