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Sunday Morning Funnies: Fresh air burns

Amanda Miller

We have a brand new comic to add to the list! Ramble began posting in February of this year and was recently submitted for my attention by Debbie (sorry that I took a couple weeks to move on it). Judging by the latest comic, Freedom!, there have already been design and artwork improvements. I love the dialogue in this latest.

In other comic news, Travels with Tenthunders will be going into "indeterminate hibernation." I'm feeling a little down about this, but I understand. Still, the author totally needs a friend like Mitsune (see this week's Fourth Wall!).

Last week's trivia questions proved to be a bit trickier than normal. Nivella got #2 correct, and Tokkar gave it a whirl but missed both. Coffinshaker answered both questions correctly, and Leliana "dittoed" him. The (completely imaginary) prizes are as follows: To the winner, Coffinshaker, go 100 well-trained LOLcats and a lifetime supply of ginger beer. To the lazy "dittoer" goe50 less than well-trained LOLcats and a judicial lifetime (read: 25 years) supply of ginger beer. Runner-up Nivella shall win an imaginary potted Skittles house plant, and for trying so valiantly, Tokkar receives the imaginary lifetime supply of ink refills that only work in pink Swarovski crystal-encrusted pens.

This week's trivia questions are: Which comic has the comfy couch? What did Hank do that lead to his disappearance? What is Ghostcrawler, really? Who punches a dog? Where is the Shakespeare reference? Which comic has the reference to an Eminem song? What is the best one-liner this week?

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