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HBO GO app to bring Tony Soprano to your iOS device

Dana Franklin

Need an Entourage of Sopranos to entertain you while you manage a Boardwalk Empire with your Band of Brothers? Starting in May, HBO subscribers will be able to enjoy "instant and unlimited access to the best HBO has to offer" using an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Time Warner subsidiary HBO, one of the leading premium television networks in the US, posted a teaser video promoting the upcoming mobile app on YouTube late last week.

HBO began offering streaming services to its subscribers in February, 2010. Today, HBO GO, which offers about 1,400 titles from the network's library of movies and original TV series, can be accessed only from a desktop or laptop computer using a Flash-enabled web browser. Expected to arrive on May 2, the iOS and Android apps will further extend HBO's reach beyond the television... ironically, two years after the network ditched the long-running "it's not TV, it's HBO" slogan.

Now, it's time to Curb Your Enthusiasm. Access to HBO GO is limited to customers who subscribe to HBO through a traditional cable television service provider. If you want to enjoy True Blood on your iPad, you'll need to sign up for television service and subscribe to HBO through Comcast XFINITY TV, Verizon FiOS, Cox Advanced TV, AT&T U-Verse or DirecTV. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes insists the premium network has no current plans to allow customers to cut The Wire and put the cable bill Six Feet Under with an option to subscribe directly to the HBO GO service.

For now, by bringing its streaming Extras to the iPad, iPhone and Android, HBO is giving its approximately 28 million subscribers one more way to avoid being Bored to Death while on the go. Continue reading to watch the official teaser video for the HBO GO mobile app.

[via TiPb]

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