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Portal 2 Easter egg: Valve never meta-ARG it didn't like


A hidden room somewhere within Portal 2 (see the video after the break for more information about its location, if you want) contains a mysterious message from "Adam Foster," which plays a really annoying sound file that turns out to hold three encoded images.

What do you find upon deciphering this hidden message? A brief history of hidden Portal-related messages. The three image files encoded in the sound turn out to be slides detailing the ARG that led to the reveal of some Portal 2 info -- also using SSTV-coded images.

It turns out that said ARG had a budget of just $100, and used a BBS that was running on a vintage computer with a genuine 2400 BPS modem. You can see all three images in full here, and see (and hear) the coded message in Portal 2 after the break.

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