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Researchers show off DLC projector screen viewable in bright lighting conditions


One of the knocks against projectors has always been that they're not able to perform to their fullest unless the room is completely dark, but that may finally change if some researchers from Japan's Tohoku University have their way. They've developed a projector screen based on Diffused Light Control (or DLC), which allows only the light from the projector to be diffused towards those looking at the screen, while all other ambient light is either absorbed or reflected away. Of course, that doesn't mean the screen is quite ready for your home theater or boardroom. As you can see above, the current screen is made up of small panels that leave some noticeable seams, and it apparently still has considerable trouble in direct sunlight, although the researchers are confident both of those problems can eventually be overcome. Head on past the break to check it out on video.

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