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Conquer Online coming to the Mac on May 3rd

Jef Reahard

Mac MMORPGs have come a long way. Titles as wide-ranging as World of Warcraft, Fallen Earth, and Free Realms now boast their own native clients, and Conquer Online is set to join the ranks of OS X-flavored MMOs on May 3rd.

TQ Digital has just announced the creation of a new Conquer Online server (dubbed Garden of Eden) exclusively for Mac users. The free-to-play title originally launched way back in 2003 and sports a 2.5D game world set in ancient China. The Mac version of the game is undergoing beta testing through April 26th, and you can download the beta client via a number of sources including FTP and bit torrent. Mac beta testers will be kitted out with equipment, skills, and necessary in-game items according to a TQ press release, and you can learn more at the official Conquer Online website.

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