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In the Apple/Samsung lawsuit, the picture doesn't tell the story


There are some Android cheerleaders out there passing around the error-ridden image above, minus the big red stamp, of course. The Android advocates' assertions are that Apple is accusing Samsung of ripping off the iPhone (which was first shown in January 2007) when, in actuality, the iPhone looks remarkably similar to the Samsung F700, which was announced at CeBIT in 2006. Oh, smack! Right? Wrong.

While the F700 was indeed announced at CeBIT in 2006, the actual phone wasn't shown until February 2007 -- a month after Apple showed off the iPhone. "The F700 was rushed out to show after the iPhone's debut, and was regarded as an 'answer to the iPhone' by reports of the day, one of which observed that it 'looks awfully familiar'," according to AppleInsider, which has put together an excellent post debunking the above image.

"LOL @ Apple?" More like "LOL @ Android Photoshoppers."

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