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Reuters: iPhone 5 will ship in September


Hold onto your seats, it's another "when will the iPhone 5 ship" rumor. This time the rumor originates from Reuters, which tweeted late last night: "FLASH: Apple suppliers to start production of next-gen iPhone in July, Aug; begin shipping in Sept - sources." The associated article also states the iPhone 5 will have a faster processor but offers no additional details.

This September shipping date rumor contradicts earlier ones that the iPhone 5 wouldn't begin production until September with an October or later ship date. This is just my two cents, but my money is on the Reuters rumor. With Apple apparently focusing WWDC solely on software this year, it makes sense that the company would hold off introducing an iPhone 5 until September when iOS 5 will likely launch. It also makes more sense launching the iPhone in September -- and not later -- as it would allow Apple to sync iPod touch and iPhone hardware launches. In the past when the iPhone has launched in June, everyone knew what new hardware features were most likely going to appear in the next iPod touch when its annual refresh came in September. With a synced launch date, the new iPod touch would have the same "wow" factor that the iPhone always gets.

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