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The Old Republic's Cory Butler talks flashpoints, testing and launch


With all of the buzz surrounding Star Wars: The Old Republic these days, some fans may be frustrated that they've yet to be accepted into the hallowed halls of game testing. However, soaking up interviews and developer diaries is an acceptable distraction from the wait, which is why we're glad that the folks at Darth Hater grabbed some face time with Associate Producer Cory Butler to talk about TOR's flashpoints and testing progress.

Butler is pleased with how BioWare is raising the bar for instances by including a gripping tale to enrich the experience: "Every Flashpoint begins with an exciting story and contains difficult decisions which have meaningful impact on the challenges you'll face, the enemies you'll fight, and the outcome of the Flashpoints."

Butler said that testing is in full swing and BioWare's gathering great feedback from the process. While he declined to disclose the amount of current testers, he did admit that "it is a bunch."

As The Old Republic grows nearer to launch, how does Cory Butler envision the launch day happening? "Honestly, our hope is that as important and exciting as it is, Launch Day is another day at the office for us. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to downplay how significant a smooth launch of the game is to us. It is just that we are working on plans and backup plans and backups to the backup plans for quite some time now, so we're ready to execute all these plans at launch."

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