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LA Noire will let you skip those pesky action sequences (upon repeated failure)

If the bevy of trailers and previews we've seen of LA Noire are any indication, it looks like it might be Rockstar's most cinematic game to date. What about those poor souls who want to enjoy these film-like qualities, but can't manage to virtual-shoot to save their virtual-lives? According to MTV Multipalyer, Rockstar art director Rob Nelson assuaged this group's fears while demoing the game at the Tribeca Film Festival last night, telling attendees that they'll be afforded the option to skip action sequences after failing them two or three times.

Nelson explained, "You can skip those action elements and still experience the bulk of the narrative." Can you? We're not exactly sold on the idea. Wouldn't that be like reading a book, and then skipping those pages where the protagonist shoots hundreds and hundreds of dudes?

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