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Mobilicity launches two sub-$150 QWERTY phones: Nokia E73 and Samsung G-Touch


Mobilicity seems like a carrier on the move -- at least as far as new set launches are concerned -- and today's news sees two more sets added to the stockpile. Say hello to two new QWERTY phones, Canada -- well new to Mobilicity, anyway: the Nokia E73 and the Samsung G-Touch. We've seen both of these sets floating about on T-Mobile's gentle AWS waves for quite some time, but as a refresher, the G-Touch features a slide out QWERTY keypad, 2 megapixel shooter, ActiveSync support for your corporate mail, Bluetooth, WiFi, and will set you back $139. The Nokia E73 also packs a QWERTY keyboard (which we absolutely love by the way), a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS, and that handy little trackpad for navigation, all for $149. It's also worth remembering that Mobilicity doesn't deal in contracts so these sets are free and clear from day one. If any of this interests you, wander on over to the Mobilicity pages for the rest of the dirt.

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Mobilicity ups the value equation with sub-$150 no-contract smartphones from Samsung and Nokia
Toronto, ON – April 25, 2011 – Mobilicity today refreshed the mid-range of its growing wireless device lineup with two new smartphones for business professionals and consumers looking for both substance and style in a smartphone for under $150.

The unlimited wireless company introduced the Nokia E73 and Samsung G-Touch in keeping with its commitment to make mobile communications easy and more affordable for Canadian consumers, many of whom are frustrated with Big 3 carriers' contracts and high costs for talk, text and data.

The Nokia E73 is an excellent smartphone for business professionals in need of an enterprise device that supports Mail for Exchange and Lotus Traveler business email platforms. The Nokia E73, which features a QWERTY keypad and 5MP camera, also provides great flexibility in being able to manage users' personal information outside of work. Users can also create a personal user profile with a separate home screen and application shortcuts.

The Samsung G-Touch is an outstanding messaging device for a wide range of customers, including students and professionals. It features both a premium 2.8" touch screen and full QWERTY slider keypad to provide customers with the best of both messaging worlds – without a high-end price. The smartphone comes with a 2.0 MP camera with 12X zoom and pre-installed Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media widgets to make staying in touch with family and friends easier than ever. It also allows users to create customizable widgets.


The Nokia E73 ($149.99) and the Samsung G-Touch ($139.99) are now available at Mobilicity stores and authorized dealers across Canada and online at Like all Mobilicity devices, the new smartphones are not sold with a handset tab, credit check, nor do they come with a contract to lock a customer into a multi-year service plan, as is often the case with Canada's incumbent carriers.

About Mobilicity (DAVE Wireless)

Mobilicity, Canada's UNLIMITED 3.5G mobile operator, provides nationwide coverage with unlimited coverage areas to make wireless communications more affordable and easier to use. Mobilicity's pay-in-advance unlimited talk, text and data plans ensure 100 percent bill certainty – without contracts, credit checks or hidden charges. Formerly known as Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. (DAVE Wireless), the company is led by Obelysk, a diversified Canadian holding company, and Quadrangle Capital Partners, a global investor in the telecommunications and media sectors with more than $3 billion of capital under management. Mobilicity was named one of Canada's Top 25 Up and Coming Information & Communication Technology start-ups in 2010 by the Branham Group Inc. Further information about Mobilicity can be found at

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