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Goddess of Destruction expansion brings big changes to Lineage II [Updated]

Jef Reahard

'Tis the month for MMO anniversaries it seems, and Lineage II is joining the likes of City of Heroes, Free Realms, Guild Wars, and Lord of the Rings Online in front of the birthday cake. NCsoft's long-running fantasy opus is also throwing a bigger bash than any of its contemporaries. Today marks the release of the new Goddess of Destruction expansion, and it's a doozy, bringing new classes, skills, and hunting grounds to the world of Aden.

The devs have added 30 new hunting grounds, 60 new raid bosses, and more than 400 new equipment items, making this the largest content update in the game's seven-year history. The level cap has been increased from 85 to 99, and characters above 85 can awaken eight new classes to take on the titular goddess Shilen and her minions.

Finally, the expansion boasts new starting areas, a relaxed leveling curve, and instanced clan housing, all wrapped inside a free update for Lineage II subscribers.

[Update: The expansion is not released yet, as this official word from NCsoft states: "Goddess of Destruction is a free update to existing players releasing later this year, and will be available as an all-new retail box as well as a digital SKU for players looking to join the game with additional value and incentives."]

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