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Bethesda details how Brink's dedicated servers will work on PC


The official Bethesda blog has posted an in-depth FAQ detailing exactly how the PC version of the upcoming Brink will make use of dedicated servers. Interested players will be able to download the free standalone server on Steam prior to the game's release (the game itself will also pre-load on Steam, according to Bethesda), then configure and run it right through the Steam client.

The setup will come with a few standard settings, but players will be able to customize their games as much as they'd like, setting up certain game modes, and customizing things like time limits, team sizes, passwords, and even the availability of certain buffs and friendly fire.

In short, Splash Damage is going old-school, and allowing players (as well as third-party server providers) to run whatever games they'd like on their own. That's much more generous than the less open options some high-profile multiplayer games have offered recently, so PC gamers should appreciate it.

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