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Diablo 3 'definitely in the home stretch,' says game director


Following unprecedented access into "Blizzard's gated, guarded headquarters complex" earlier this week, The New York Times has returned practically empty-handed. Sure, correspondent Seth Schiesel got to play Diablo 3 for "about an hour" -- a fleeting opportunity that some of us would nevertheless kill for -- but he was unable to glean any solid details about the game's secretive, make-or-break trading system. Nor was he able to dig up any new dirt on those possible console ports, not to mention demand to know when the lead PC/Mac version is going to be released.

"We're definitely in the home stretch," game director Jay Wilson cruelly teased. "We're crunching. This is when the magic happens." Dare we presume that means a 2011 launch? We'd better not.

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