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EVE Online Fanfest 2011: Final video roundup


Just over a month ago, the EVE Online Fanfest was in full swing and some exciting new information on EVE's future was being released. Massively was there to bring you all the big news as it came out, but most EVE players were unable to attend the event. Thankfully, most of the Fanfest panels and events were filmed and the main ones were even streamed live to viewers at home. For those who missed all the Fanfest excitement, CCP Games has spent the last few weeks preparing those videos for launch and uploading them to YouTube. The team has also sent us 150 professional photos from the event to include in our Fanfest gallery.

In this final Fanfest roundup article, we've put together a handy list of every video from the Fanfest along with a handy summary of each. Not included in the list are the very technical Dev Tracker workshops designed to inform third-party app developers. Many of these videos contain swearing and some are definitely not safe for work. Talks definitely worth watching include the CCP panel, the EVE keynote, the content panel, incursions, words words words and live events. Things you absolutely don't want to miss are the hilarious but not work-safe alliance panel, the PvP tournament finals, the war on lag talk, guest lecture "Who Needs a CEO?" by Battleclinic founder Chris Condon, CCP Sreegs' talk on security, and of course, the EVE: A Future Vision trailer.

Skip past the cut for a full roundup of all the videos from this year's EVE Fanfest.

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Content Panel
EVE's content team discusses plans for 2011 and 2012, including some revamping of old content and addition of new Incarna content. The team then takes questions from EVE players.
The Economy
Dr Eyjo talks about the state of the EVE economy and the work of his economic research team. If you like numbers and graphs, you'll go insane watching this talk.
CSM Panel
The members of the fifth Council of Stellar Management discuss the history of the CSM, its impact on EVE, and what the future holds for the group. They take questions from EVE players on a wide range of CSM-related topics.
CCP Panel
Some familiar CCP faces take the stage to answer any and all questions posed by players. This is always a good panel, and this year was no exception.
CCP Presents
CCP Presents is the Fanfest's main presentation, in which new information is typically released. This year's CCP Presents featured a few too many showy videos for my liking, but it definitely had its moments and revealed some new information about the future of EVE.
EVE Keynote
CCP t0rfifrans wraps up and summarises most of the information presented in the various talks throughout Fanfest, with the exception of a few snippets of information reserved for CCP Presents.

Design Democracy
Players get together to design and prototype an EVE ship in realtime. An EVE concept artist is onhand to create the ship, and players vote on the various things it should have. This is always a big hit with players.
Dev Beer Quiz
This year's Dev Beer Quiz pits a team of game developers against a team of publishers in an alcohol-fueled contest.
Alliance Panel
In this absolutely not-safe-for-work video, high-ranking members from several alliances give talks about their organisations. If you think that sounds boring, you'd be completely wrong. This was easily the funniest event of the entire Fanfest and definitely the most insightful look into alliances I've ever seen. It's a fantastic watch -- but absolutely not safe for work!
PvP Tournament finals
Each year, teams of players sign up to the PvP tournament for the chance to win some big prizes. This video covers both the finals and the semi-finals, with a hilarious fight toward the end.
Brain vs. Pain Chessboxing
What happens when a chess master takes on a boxing champ? In this chessboxing match, two CCP developers alternate between punching each other's faces in and outwitting each other in chess.

EVE: A Future Vision
Showing a possible concept for the far future of EVE, this video was intended as a target to which CCP will aspire. It shows the seamless integration of land-based Dust 514 matches, in-station Incarna environments, and in-space EVE PvP. If CCP manages even half of this within the next five years, we're in for a good time.
New Turret Effects
CCP shows off the new turret effects coming to EVE, complete with retractable turret modules and gun ports.
New Nebulae
The Nebulae in EVE have begun looking a little outdated. This video shows off some of the new Nebulae we can expect to see in the near future, and they look awesome.
Permaband Keep Clickin'
Riding on the success of Permaband's first music video HTFU, GM Guard presents the latest song "Keep Clickin'." This wasn't as big a hit with EVE players as HTFU due to the lack of lyrics about EVE and development at CCP. Definitely not safe for work.
Permaband HTFU live
CCP's Permaband performed the popular EVE hit HTFU live at Fanfest.

CCP Soundwave and the other developers who worked on Incursion gave this talk on everything that went into the Sansha incursions appearing all over EVE. They discuss the future for PvE in EVE and then take questions from players.
TQ's New Toys
Tranquility is EVE Online's main server cluster, and it's getting some new upgrades. In this highly technical talk, EVE's technical director of virtual worlds and senior virtual worlds database admin talk about advances made over the past year and plans for the future.
War on lag
CCP's resident expert on lag and awesome hair discusses steps being taken to battle lag in EVE. He talks about time dilation, server-side optimisations, mass testing and other developments. This man seriously knows what he's talking about, and the presentation was extremely informative.
EVE Gate
CCP Producer Helga discusses EVE Gate, what can be done via it, and what the future holds for the online service. The new EVE forums are also discussed.
Words words words
EVE Online's IP Manager Tony Gonzales talks about EVE: Templar One, a novel aimed at introducing Dust 514. He starts off with a short reading from the novel and then goes on to take questions on the EVE IP. Tony's a great public speaker, which makes this talk very good to watch.
Captain's Quarters
In this first look at the captain's quarters, we get some insight into the next EVE expansion.
Nice People, Nasty Players
Although he was a little ill during this presentation, guest lecturer Folorist Oli Gneisti Soleyjarson made some good points. He discussed the fact that personally nice people often take on the mantle of a despicable and ruthless player in EVE.
Who Needs a CEO?
In another guest lecture, Battleclinic creator Chris Condon talks about influencing other players and getting things done without the need to be in charge of your organisation. This is actually a very insightful talk for anyone who's ever felt as if he didn't have a voice in his corporation.
Quality Assurance
For all those interested in quality assurance at CCP, this talk features information on what the QA department does, how QA fits into development at CCP, and other topics.
Character Creator
With the Incursion expansion, we received an impressive new character creator. In this talk, we find out a bit about the character creator's development and what goes into rendering the new portraits.
Live Events
The Sansha invasion live events leading up to the Incursion expansion were a great new addition to the game. In this talk, the two men responsible for organising and leading those events talk about what the future holds for live events.
Sponsor Showcase
CCP partners with a lot of other companies to develop EVE. In this talk, these sponsors discuss their work with CCP.
In this fascinating talk, security expert CCP Sreegs talks about account security, botting and RMT. Sreegs is a great public speaker, and this talk has some very useful information.
Art Panel
EVE Online's art department is responsible for creating everything from the new character creator assets to in-game environments. In this talk, members of the art department talk about the new nebulae, the captain's quarters and other topics.

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