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White iPhone reportedly sells out in China


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Apple kicked off sales of the white iPhone 4 yesterday and the launch in China was marked by long lines and steady sales. According to interviews from those in line, many Asian consumers passed on the black version of the handset and waited for the white variant to make its debut. Sales were so strong that the white version is reportedly sold out in Beijing, one of China's largest cities. Hong Kong sales were also brisk with reports suggesting the available stock of the white iPhone 4 sold out in one hour.

This demand for the white iPhone 4 was forecast by Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities. The analyst predicted sales of the white version would be strong in Asia where white is a desirable color. Besides delivering on a promise to launch the white iPhone 4 this spring, the launch of the white model will also keep Apple iPhone sales strong in the current quarter. Last quarter, Apple sold over 18 million iPhones globally.

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