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Hirai to address PSN security breach at 1 a.m. EDT

Though we've been getting frequent updates from PlayStation Blog on the state of the recently intruded-upon PlayStation Network, one of the massive corporation's higher-ups is now planning to step forward to field some of our questions. According to Reuters, Sony Corp executive deputy president Kazuo Hirai is scheduled to address the media about the PSN outage and security breach in Tokyo tomorrow at 2 p.m. (1 a.m. EDT).

The predicament must be weighing heavy upon Hirai, who was promoted last month to a position meant to groom him for possibly inheriting the CEO seat from Howard Stringer. Then again, this might be the perfect opportunity for Hirai to set himself apart from the other contenders: If he singlehandedly manages to fix these problems using the ol' Hirai charms, he's a lock for the job.

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