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Meizu M9 gets Gingerbread update, taunts townsfolk to catch and eat it

Brian Heater

We were admittedly a bit skeptical when Meizu CEO Jack Wong first starting talking up the M9 Android handset -- in fact, the word "vaporware" may have been tossed around a bit. The exec proved our caution unfounded, however, delivering the phone into the hands of China's incredibly enthusiastic smartphone buyers. Then Wong briefly turned his attention away from the handset to give us a taste of its successor, but now the he's back -- with a downloadable Gingerbread update for his beloved M9. Results of the upgrade have been mixed at best, with users reporting some minor power and display problems on one end of the spectrum and improved audio the other. If you must download, check out the source link below -- just don't say we didn't warn you.

[Thanks, Mason]

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