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Dell's ultra-thin laptop will have a 15.6-inch screen, tread lightly on your wallet?

Sean Hollister

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This is Dell's Vostro V13. It looks like a dream, and it's cheap -- but there's not much raw muscle here, and no battery life to speak of. No, this descendent of Dell's iconic Adamo didn't prove a suitable MacBook Air rival, but we know one that might -- Dell's oft-teased, never-seen thin-and-light. Now, CNET's anonymous sources have come forward with news that Dell will introduce the thinnest 15.6-inch laptop we've ever seen, and with Intel's latest Core i5 and Core i7 Sandy Bridge processors inside. Those sources also report that the laptop will be made of special materials, and yet won't be "a one-time product" like the Adamo -- it will allegedly be a consumer product with a sub-$1,000 price. It's a juicy rumor, but we're inclined to believe it's true. Why? Dell's in-house blogger Lionel Menchaca confirms that Dell's working on just such a 15.6-incher, and says there are "more models to come."

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