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Patch 4.2: Blizzard gives more info on Hyjal dailies


Players eager to jump into even more new content coming with patch 4.2 -- specifically, the new Hyjal daily questing zones -- have just been hit with some more information and clarification on the requirements for doing this content.

The Flameward Hippogryph, the flying mount that players can earn after completing their own personal progression through the Regrowth and the Molten Front, will be available to everyone who makes the effort. In addition, players will be able to start the content at level 85 and must have completed the Hyjal questing up until reclaiming the Regrowth area.

Marks of the World Tree, the personal currency being used to open up content in these new daily zones, will not be used to purchase gear and items from vendors. These marks only exist to open up content, not purchase things. Gold is still the currency used to purchase items, and if I wanted to take a guess, I would imagine the cost of items will be similar to those of an already existing Cataclysm reputation vendor. Blizzard has assured players that any marks that they have afterward will be able to be used for rewards as well, but at this time there is no information on what.

Finally, the two new factions that players will be assisting in the Regrowth and the Molten Front, the Druids of the Talon and the Shadow Wardens, will not be receiving their own factions to grind in the patch.


Nice. A cool looking mount anyone can go for? Is that true?

If you're referring to the Flameward Hippogryph, then yes! True story, bro.

There are couple of restrictions to keep in mind, though. In order to start playing through the new daily hubs, you'll need be level 85 and already completed enough quests in Mount Hyjal to have reclaimed the Regrowth area.


and cost a lot of those new marks being introduced.

So, this is something I think deserves a little extra clarity.

The primary purpose of the new Marks of the World Tree will be unlocking new content (new quests, additional item vendors, etc). You'll be able to purchase the gear from the vendors you unlock with just gold, so they won't really come into play there.

That being said, we still want Marks of the World Tree (and, by extension, the daily quests that provide them) to feel rewarding even after you've unlocked all available content at the Regrowth and Molten Front. Though we haven't settled on anything specific, we're looking to add a few items on vendors that players can purchase with their surplus marks after they've progressed through every unlock stage.

Oh, and I know I saw someone ask this earlier, but nearly all of the quests at the Regrowth and Molten Front will award reputation for Guardians of Hyjal. The Druids of the Talon and Shadow Wardens, while pivotal to your progress in the Firelands, will not be getting their own reputations in 4.2. :)

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