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EVE Online giving players tasty beverages!


As we reported before, EVE Online is celebrating its 8th anniversary! As a great big thank-you to all of their loyal players, the fine folks at CCP are gifting everyone a six-pack of delicious Quafe Zero. What is Quafe Zero, you ask? According to the devblog, "Made from compounds found only in Sleeper vessels, each can of Quafe Zero promises to boost your Speed and Scan Resolution 5% for one hour, with zero booster side effects. Tastes great, won't fill you up, and makes you a better pilot."

Can't wait to get your hands on this tasty beverage? Just log into EVE tomorrow and click the Redeem Items button in the lower right corner. Select the character to receive these refreshing libations and reap the revitalizing rewards.

For full instructions and a small note of thanks from the EVE Online devs, click on through to the full article!

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