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Nokia's chief envisions a dual-SIM future in India and China, remains uncommonly silent about Europe

Zachary Lutz

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When speaking at Nokia's Annual General Meeting, CEO Stephen Elop identified the company's burning desire to strengthen its dual-SIM portfolio, citing the feature's strategic importance in India and China. During the speech, he announced Espoo's first dual-SIM phone (likely the C2-06) will ship by the end of June, while failing to mention its true "first" offerings, the C1-00 and C2-00, were released in 2010. For travelers who must contend with network fragmentation, dual-SIM functionality allows users to easily switch among carriers while moving about. The feature is also getting noticed in Europe, too -- though it's unclear whether you'll begin seeing Windows Phone pursuing double lives. Should Elop decide two SIMs have a future in Nokia's smartphones, we're pretty sure he'll be able to twist Ballmer's arm.

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