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SCEE 'working incredibly hard' to offer protection for European PSN users [update: Sony to offer ID theft protection and free PS3, PSP games]


With Sony already offering identity theft protection to PSN users in the United States, PlayStation Blog Europe has posted an update on the situation for European customers. SCEE head of communications Nick Caplin stated "we are working incredibly hard to offer you something very similar" to the protection scheme offered to US PSN users.

Caplin noted that offering such a plan is "a very complicated thing to achieve" given the number of countries in the European region. That said, he added that Sony is "close" to finding a solution and hopes to announce something "very soon."

Update: Caplin has penned another PlayStation Blog post, detailing some of Sony's plans to offer compensation and identity theft protection to European PSN users. Caplin reiterated the difficulty in providing ID theft protection in different countries, though Sony hopes to "provide details of exactly which services are available in each country and explain how to sign up" by "early next week."

Furthermore, Sony will also offer free games to European PSN users. PS3 owners will be able to choose two free games from a selection of five. PSP owners will be able to choose two games from a selection of four. The available games should be announced "very soon."

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