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Japanese hardware sales, April 25 - May 1: Viking Mom edition

We're never ones to let a holiday pass by without finding some way to make a profit off of it -- and that includes holidays celebrating our very favorite family members. That's why right this moment, a mere 30 minutes before the sun sets on Mother's Day, we're sharing our monster of a mega-promotion with any and all parties who will take the time to consider it. Of course, with a half-hour of relevance, you're going to have to move fast to capitalize on this gem. Brace yourself for: Mo-Thor's Day.

Think about it: What do moms like more than anything in the universe? That's right, Norse mythology. What do they like only slightly less than that? Comic book adaptations. Somewhere in-between those two interests? Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman. We're telling you, if a Mo-Thor's Day campaign isn't enough to drown the film in box office revenues, we'll eat our winged helmet.

- PSP: 76,794 [UP] 27,812 (56.57%)
- 3DS: 28,413 [UP] 5,375 (23.33%)
- PS3: 23,954 [UP] 4,921 (25.86%)
- Wii: 10,889 [UP] 3,023 (38.43%)
- DSi LL: 9,235 [UP] 2,171 (30.73%)
- DSi: 7,584 [UP] 1,370 (22.05%)
- Xbox 360: 4,082 [UP] 2,191 (115.86%)
- PS2: 1,582 [UP] 419 (36.03%)
- DS Lite: 319 [UP] 36 (12.72%)
- PSP Go: 251 [DOWN] 14 (5.28%)

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