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LA Noire soundtrack (and remixed soundtrack!) coming May 17

Whether you're a fan of jazz standards from the 1940s or totally sick warehouse raves, Rockstar's planning to scratch your itch with the release of LA Noire's soundtrack. Two distinct versions of the score will be released through iTunes alongside the game on May 17:
  • The LA Noire Official Soundtrack, which features original compositions from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World composer Andrew Hale, as well as over 30 licensed jazz numbers from Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and others.
  • LA Noire: Remixed, a six-track EP featuring remixes of said jazz standards by DJs such as DJ Premier, Dave Sitek and Truth & Soul.
Of course, we're assuming that we'll be able to listen to said songs while cruising around in-game Los Angeles while we ... wait, had the car radio even been invented back in 1947? We guess we could just lug a Victrola around with us wherever we went, though that might get in the way of all the crime-solving.

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