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Cydia Search enables effortless searching of Cupertino's least-favorite app store

Zachary Lutz

Wish finding an app in Cydia was as easy as locating a slot machine in a Vegas casino? Then you might want to give Planet-iPhones' new Cydia Search a whirl, which lets owners of jailbroken iOS devices peruse the renowned gray-market catalog from the comfort of their desktop browser. That means you'll be able to search by name, description, author and a handful of other relevant tags, and once you've found an interesting app, you can view its price, version, repository, and its actual location within Cydia. While the project borrows a number of features first introduced with ModMyi, users will likely find the Cydia Search interface more rewarding -- though both are excellent utilities for browsing the entire app store before rooting your handset. So whenever you get fidgety and decide to replace Apple's boot logo with one from Subaru (or whatever tickles your fancy), you'll know where the journey begins.

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