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$211,000 Apple-1 up and running, wants to know what this 'cloud' thing is all about

Brian Heater

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Wondering whatever became of the Apple-1 that sold at Christie's for $211,535? Turns out the extremely limited edition system wasn't destined for airtight museum displays -- not for the time being, at least. Auction winner / entrepreneur Mark Bogle brought the Wozniak-built system on stage with him at the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy this week, and discussed its place in computing history with a group of professors before proceeding to fire it up. According to Italian Apple blog Macity, the process went "smoothly," and with the help of an oscilloscope and a MacBook Pro, the system was fed into an NTSC monitor, displaying the words "Hello Polito" -- a friendly message for the Polytechnic crowd. It's not Doom, but we'll take it.

[Thanks, Settimio]

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