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Rumored 7th generation iPod nano with camera doesn't seem likely


It's always wise to maintain a degree of skepticism with purported photos of next generation Apple products. First of all, they could be fake; secondly, they could be production samples for form factors that might never see the light of day. We're pretty skeptical about this one.

In early April we reported on rumors that the seventh-generation nano might sport a rear-facing camera. At the time, Asian Apple site posted an image that it claimed was the rear casing for the next generation iPod nano. The purported casing showed a hole that would house a rear-facing camera. That image was of the inside of the rear casing. Today has posted another image it says is the backside of the rear casing of the next iPod nano.

In the image above, you can see what purports to be the rear of the next iPod nano compared to the rear of the current iPod nano. Besides the obvious camera, which says is of the 1.3 megapixel variety, the big change on the next iPod nano, if these images are correct, appears to be the lack of a clip. As you can see, the Apple logo is painted right onto the body of the nano, and it doesn't seem likely that Apple would add a clip covering the logo.

When the rumors of a camera-equipped next gen nano surfaced, many thought Apple would just slim the clip down to give the camera a view. However, if these new images are correct, the next gen nano will be clip-less. Now, this is pure conjecture on my part, but I could see Apple eliminating the clip on the nano to bring costs down and then selling a magnetic "Smart Clip" as an add-on to those that want the clip. Currently, Apple sells the "Smart Cover" iPad accessory, which attaches to the iPad magnetically.

I do want to point out that has been correct in the past, as they were the first to post an image of a small touchscreen that later made its way into the sixth-generation iPod nano, which debuted last fall.

[via MacRumors]

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