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The Daily Grind: What's your favorite PvP memory?

Eliot Lefebvre

It's hard to compare with the excitement of PvP. Sure, a well-scripted PvE encounter is exciting, but it's scripted. The same thing will always happen under the same conditions. But in a PvP battle, anything goes. Whether you're taking part in a battle over an open RvR objective in Warhammer Online or you've just come across a hostile player in Mortal Online, playing against another human being introduces new variables and new behaviors that you can't get against a computer opponent. And while the fights can often be harder as a result, the stories stick with you longer too.

Maybe you fought off a would-be ganker and lived to tell the tale. Maybe you met an equal match on the road and managed to get the upper hand. Or maybe you waited and practiced to face off against a rival player only to defeat him when it counted the most. Whether in a PvP-focused game like Age of Conan or a largely PvE environment like Lord of the Rings Online, you can have some truly memorable experiences against other players. So what's your best PvP memory?

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