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World of Tanks trailer shows off two new maps

Jef Reahard

All's been fairly quiet on the World of Tanks front since the free-to-play World War II action MMO went live last April. Today, has released a new video heralding the upcoming 0.6.4 game update.

The setup is a series of idyllic scenery shots that look to be taken directly from the picturesque landscape of any number of fantasy MMOs. The tranquility doesn't last for long, though, as various tank squads are shown rolling through the countryside and shelling their enemies with abandon. This particular video exists to show off the two new maps coming in the 0.6.4 patch, and despite a relatively short running time (1:30), it does a darn fine job. The Mountain Pass and Prairies regions are vast and rather beautiful -- and a stark contrast to the scarred steel of the player-controlled tanks using the landscape for cover.

Check out all the details after break, and be sure to head to the official World of Tanks website to read the 0.6.4 patch notes.

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