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Capcom talks stronger focus on PC platform


Capcom isn't really known for its PC titles -- sure, ports here and there populate the platform, but it's primarily a console company. In a missive over on Capcom-Unity, corporate officer and senior veep, Christian Svensson, details how he and a select few others within Capcom are working to change that. "As we continue to expand our businesses in Russia, China, Korea and Brazil, the PC becomes increasingly important as it is the primary platform in those territories," he says.

Svensson points to the "historically" small PC market in Japan as a hurdle, which means the Japanese developers aren't very familiar and comfortable with the platform -- but online experiences are becoming quite prevalent; a viable means of revenue and justification for allotting resources for PC development. The success of Monster Hunter Frontier Online is certainly helping Capcom understand the importance of the platform. "PC gaming's profile is growing at Capcom," Svensson assures.

Several games are slated to come to the PC this year, including Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Svensson says the Japanese COO and other execs "increasingly request a PC version" when discussing what to green light if no PC version is planned during the first stages of a product. "So in short, while we're still not yet where I'd like for us to be, the future is getting better for Capcom fans who are PC gamers all over the world."

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