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Massively Exclusive TERA lore: Day in the Life - Ebonathis


Just a couple of days ago, we were treated to a new video of TERA's Pirate Grotto dungeon, along with a bevy of crafting information and confirmation of the game's presence at E3. Today, we have a new treat for all of you anticipating TERA's Western release: a bit of lore outlining a day in the life of the leader of the fimbrilisks -- and yet another BAM -- Ebonathis.

"What the blazes is a fimbrilisk," you ask? We'd love to tell you, but they seem to be rather enigmatic creatures for the time being. What we do know is that they are large (read: holysweethellthatthingisbig), scaly creatures vaguely resembling balrogs with an affinity -- and appetite -- for arcane energy. Today's piece of lore puts you into the shoes... hooves... scaly-talon-foot-appendage-things of the leader of this formidable race for a rousing good time of devouring arcane energy like it's candy. So jump over the cut for the full story, and don't forget to check out the new additions to the TERA gallery below.

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Day in the Life-Ebonathis
By Daneen McDermott, Writer

Territorial by nature, fimbrilisks like both open spaces to see possible rivals and the security of walls to help keep them at bay. They gravitate to ruins, cliffsides, and hilltops. Ebonathis secured his position as alpha fimbilisk many years ago, winning the hilltop ruins in Popolion as his home before the vampirs had even finished fleeing the crumbling manor. Fimbrilisks can taste arcane energy, and Ebonathis enjoys the delicious residual energy left by the vampir nobles, though not as much as he enjoys an unwary sorcerer.

Ebonathis paced back and forth across the gouts of arcane energy bubbling up from the ground. From his hard-won hilltop domain, he watched the other fimbrilisks duplicate his movements within the confines of their smaller, lesser territorial boundaries. He ignored their jealous imitation and stepped slowly and deliberately, letting the arcane energy cascade along his shoulders, back, haunches, and tail. The tingling energy satisfied and invigorated every inch of his scaly armored body. Well, almost every inch-his stomach rumbled a protest.

The taste of arcane energy drifted up the knoll at the same moment he heard a far-off battle cry. A challenge! Ebonathis instinctively tensed for battle, then hesitated when no rival attacked. Someone else's problem then. Any competition between other fimbrilisks for position was of no consequence; Ebonathis had already won the only location worth competing for.

But that arcane taste... This battle wasn't between two fimbrilisks; this battle meant a wandering morsel had come to the knoll. Just the thing for his petulant stomach!

Ebonathis had just decided to step down from the hilltop and claim whatever morsel had wandered into the knoll when he heard the death throes of the battling fimbrilisk downhill. His brother's quick demise meant this was no easy meal. A sizable group of two-legged morsels or one very powerful morsel approached. Either way, better to let them fight their way up the hill, tiring themselves along the way.

Returning to his repose, Ebonathis opened his mouth and tried to drink in the blue-tinged energy, but knowing the morsel was out there, found his usual intake unsatisfactory. Ebonathis roared in displeasure at his hunger and at his wait. Patience, he steeled himself as more battle sounds and tastes wafted up from downhill, nearer this time.

He tasted them in the air before they stepped around the crumbling wall before him. Ebonathis stared at them, sizing up the three morsels who had fought their way to the top of the hill. Three on one-he liked those odds. The first was armored almost as much as Ebonathis was. Rival. This one would slow Ebonathis from his feast. The second carried a pair of claws almost as large as Ebonathis's own. Small. Ebonathis paid him no mind. The last, however, crackled with arcane energy. Tasty. This morsel, Ebonathis wanted and he wanted it now.

The rival morsel charged as Ebonathis roared. The small morsel somersaulted behind, but Ebonathis kept his eye on the prize. He had fought arcane morsels before and knew they liked to stand back shooting fire while their brethren bashed and clawed away at Ebonathis. Ebonathis spat fire at the tasty morsel. Two quick slashes of his front claws knocked the rival morsel backwards. Already weakened...perfect. Ebonathis reared back and pounded his chest. He slammed the ground then deliberately stomped forward, his front claws flattening the morsels in huge clouds of dust.

After the bulky beast had gone past, the armored morsel sprang back up and poked Ebonathis in the back, but Ebonathis was more interested in the arcane one lying still on the ground. Such a fragile thing-fragile, yet tasty.

Ebonathis closed his eyes and savored the taste. His stomach now sated with arcane energy, he turned back to his routine pacing. But something niggled at the back of Ebonathis's mind; something he'd left unfinished. A poke in his flank, he turned and remembered the other morsels. Two on one-he liked those odds even more.

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