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DC Universe Online's megaservers to use phasing rulesets

Eliot Lefebvre

When DC Universe Online first announced its "super servers," the whole matter seemed pretty cut and dried. These were server mergers under another name, right? Well... perhaps, but perhaps not quite. As a new piece on the merger explains, the servers are going to continue to operate both the PvP and PvE rulesets as before -- players who select the PvP type will be in a phased instance with other PvP players, while PvE players will be in a separate phase.

There's also some discussion about switching phases to ensure that you and your friends wind up in the same place. The overall feel is that the team is aiming toward a Guild Wars-style environment, with a single server and multiple instances within that server. DC Universe Online players can take a look at the answers and form their own conclusions, although the fact that these servers still segregate PC and PS3 players will likely remain a sore point.

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