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Rock the electronic with SynthTronica for iPad


SynthTronica is a new synthesizer app for iPad that provides some seriously cool audio modeling features. If you're a musician looking for some new sounds or even a live-performance instrument, this is worth a look. Even for the hobbyist, this US$4.99 app is a great way to explore some musical possibilities.

SynthTronica provides a full set of tools, including multiple keyboard layouts, a unique multi-touch filter, built-in recording, sound editing and more. The presets are a great place to start (all 92 of them), but you can build an almost limitless library of your own sculpted sounds. With "Formant Distortion Synthesis" and the ability to apply any audio clip as "grooves," you can even take the same synth presets and make them into entirely different synth progressions.

The multi-touch filter makes dynamic sweeps and live modulation a breeze, whether for recording or live performance. The keyboard remains visible while you work the filter, letting you play while doing multiple, simultaneous sweeps and band passes for some very cool effects.

If you want to handcraft some highly original, custom sounds, have a look at SynthTronica on the App Store (US$4.99 introductory price). Also take a look at the videos on the SynthTronica home page for a demo, and check out a brief performance by Jordan Rudess on YouTube.

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