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Eden Eternal's Magician previewed in new video

Jef Reahard

Eden Eternal's beta is coming up fast (June 2nd, if you're keeping track), and today we've got another class teaser for those of you anxiously awaiting the free-to-play fantasy title from Aeria Games. Our last video focused on the game's Warrior class, but this time around we're taking a look at how the other half lives courtesy of the Magician archetype.

Unsurprisingly, the Magician lives and dies by his ranged DPS, and thanks to Eden Eternal's switching mechanics, you can swap to one of the game's 11 other classes if you're dying a little too often. Chances are you'll do fine, though, as Magicians deal elemental damage, cast buffs, turn invisible, and provide party teleports. The staff is the Magician's weapon of choice, and he can also pick from eight class-specific skills and five branch skills shared with other magic DPS classes. Head past the cut for a closer look at the new Magician video.

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