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See how a 1920s daredevil inspired the L.A. Noire we know today

The methods -- that is to say, witchcraft -- used to create the eerily accurate faces of L.A. Noire's suspicious characters were previously exposed, but how did Team Bondi create the face of the game's titular city? The story is more thrilling than you might imagine: Much of the gameworld was designed using photographs taken by 1920s daredevil Robert Spence, who snapped photos of Los Angeles using a 46-pound camera while hanging out of the cockpit of his biplane.

You can check out some of the images on PopSci, though really, we think the camera might have been facing the wrong way. Yes, the vintage shots of L.A. are neat, but not nearly as neat as a dude hanging out of his biplane while holding a 46-pound camera!

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