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You may now enter GagaVille (if that's your kinda thing)


Zynga has kicked off its latest cross-promotion, teaming up with the eccentric Lady Gaga for the launch of her latest album, "Born This Way." They've created a Gaga-themed farm in the enormously popular social game, FarmVille. Rather than rearing funky livestock, though, players will have a chance to listen to a handful of tracks from the album before launch on May 23.

And if that tickles your fancy, you'll be glad to know that Gaga's farm is currently live on Facebook, anxiously awaiting your arrival. Beyond early access to her next album, the promotion extends to Zynga's game cards as well, with folks purchasing $25 cards via Best Buy stores (online and off) -- between now and June 11 -- receiving a free digital copy of "Born This Way."

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