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Dragon's Call joins Aeria Now catalogue


Last time we heard from Dragon's Call was way back in October of 2009, when we were just getting our hands on the first details of the game. Over the past year-and-change, the browser-based fantasy MMORPG has made its way into the hands of Aeria Games. It's now available in Aeria's Aeria Now stable of browser-based games.

Dragon's Call features a story told through Flash-animated cutscenes and drops players into the role of one of three classes (Warrior, Mage, or Assassin) and sends them on a series of "thousands of captivating quests." PvP battles are also offered alongside the storyline quests for those of you with a bit more bloodlust. No matter which route players take, they will have the opportunity to level up their characters' skills and upgrade their equipment to customize their characters as it suits them. To give the game a whirl, head over to the official site.

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