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New producer's letter planning for future upgrades to Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

Almost immediately after taking the helm of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida posted a large list of planned changes and updates to the game over the near future. In his most recent letter to the community, Yoshida both highlights the goals already achieved as well as adding a variety of additional goals besides. It's a large list of updates that the community should welcome, along with the announcement that everything on the list (including major battle revisions, chocobos, and the item-enhancing Materia system) should be ready by the end of summer.

Yoshida also discusses the overall goal of the battle system revamps, echoing several parts of the document posted earlier regarding the revamp's details. As he puts it, the goals with the changes are to reward skill and interactivity while removing tedium. Final Fantasy XIV players have a great deal of improvements to look forward to over the next several months, and the newest letter helps make it clear exactly how those improvements will be coming down the pipeline.

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