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80% of mobile videos watched happen on iOS devices


The New York Times is reporting on a FreeWheel study [PDF] that says the majority of video views that happen on a mobile device occur on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The iPhone and iPod touch account for a 30 percent share each, while the iPad accounts for a 20 percent share. About 19 percent of video views happen on an Android device with the remaining 1 percent happening on all other mobile devices.

Ever since Apple unveiled the original iPhone without Adobe Flash support, its competitors have been shouting that users were missing the "full internet." There were also plenty of people that said lack of Flash support would doom the iPhone since most mobile videos were in the Flash format. We now know, of course, that lack of Flash doesn't hinder video viewing on the iPhone in the slightest. Most videos on most major websites are encoded in multiple formats now -- all perhaps thanks to the iPhone not supporting Flash.

Matter of fact, FreeWheel asserts that Apple's dominance in mobile video views is due to the fact that its devices top the priorities of video publishers and mobile developers who encode and develop for Apple's iOS gear first and Android and other devices only after they have stable iOS offerings.

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