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BBC HD quietly begins broadcasting in 1080p, but not all Sony HDTVs can handle it


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We'd pretty much given up waiting for broadcast 1080p, since other than some video on-demand services you'll generally need to stick to Blu-ray to tick that box, but around the end of March BBC HD changed all that. It's taking advantage of a part of the Freeview HD spec that allows the broadcaster to dynamically select between 1080p / 25fps and 1080i / 25fps transmission and the boxes are mandated to be able to output 1080p / 50fps. The reasoning for the decision is to provide better picture quality on material that was shot that way, unfortunately it's coming to light now because some HDTVs are having trouble handling the switch and causing an audio dropout when the format shifts, as mentioned by UK buyers guide What Hi-Fi. As if Sony didn't have enough to deal with, the overwhelming majority of complaints appear to center around its TVs and the company has promised more information in the next 7 - 10 days about a fix that will take care of the problem.

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